Exam Software with Scheduled/Planned Invitation E-mails
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Sending Invitation Emails

You can send customized invitation emails to each candidate to invite them to the exam processes you have prepared. In this email contents:

  • You can type any text.
  • You can address each candidate with his/her name and surname.
  • You can transfer any information such as username, password, invitation code, etc. that each candidate can access to the exam with.

Tracking the Sent Emails

All the emails that are sent via Test Invite Email Invitation module are automatically tracked. For each email sent to each candidate, you can access to the information about:

  • • Was the email sent successfully?
  • Did the email arrive?
  • Is the email opened? (How many times?)
  • Is the address/link in the email clicked? (How many times?)

Sending Future Dated Email

You can set up an email to be sent at a future date and time. For example, if the exam starts at 10.00 am on April 15, you can set up the email invitations to be sent at 09.45.

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Exam Software with Scheduled/Planned Invitation E-mails
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