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Give secure video recorded online exams in full screen with the Lock Down Browser technology. Build an online automized assessment process of multiple stages: Candidates will flow from one exam to another as long as they succeed.
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Secure Online Examination Process
An online examination system must have a solid information security framework in order to provide reliable & authoritative results
  • Lock Down Browser Activities Prevent the user opening new tabs, apps or windows
  • Monitoring Monitor the user through web camera - record videos or take pictures
  • Access Restrictions Secure exams by password, date & time restrictions
  • Auditing Log all user actions
  • Real Time Monitoring Monitor all user events live & Watch live video or photo steams
Design Professional Assessments
Build any kind of assessments, from very basic to highly complex, through the easy-to-use Online Assessment Builder
  • Multiple Step Assessments Build an assessment of multiple steps; each step being another test.
  • Question Bank Create your questions once, use them in multiple tests. Prepare tests in minutes
  • Random Questions & Shuffling Ask different questions for each participant. Shuffle the questions' order
  • Time Limits Setup the maximum time limit for the exam, and/or sections, and/or pages
  • Use Rich Media & Evaluate Answers Use photo, video or rich text in your questions. Let users reply by recording audio or video. Evaluate answers later.
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Monitor exams in real-time & Watch video and photo streams LIVE
Know what is going on instantly. Have absolute control over the examination process
Who have started the exam?
On which section and page is each user?
How many questions is answered by each user?
What is the time left for each user?
2019-03-20 18:23
video recorded online exams
Section #1 - Page #3
7 / 25 Questions
2019-03-20 18:22
online exam with video monitoring
Section #3 - Page #2
24 / 25 Questions
2019-03-20 18:24
video proctored online exam
Section #2 - Page #5
15 / 25 Questions
Build an Automated Assessment Pipeline
Automated assessment is a well-defined process where each participant goes through a list of tests one after another, as long as the pre-requisites for each step are satisfied.
Step 1: English Level Test
If score > 80%
Step 2: Attention Test
If score > 90%
Step 3: Aptitude Test
If score > 65%
Add ready-to-use Professional Tests into Your Assessment Pipeline [1]
Test Invite Marketplace © offers tests like English Level Tests, Aptitude Tests, Attention To Details Tests. You can start using tests - designed by professionals - today.
1 Professional tests are mostly used in recruitment.
Mostly used by
Whether it is a hospital, school, small business, recruitment agency or a global enterprise; Organizations use our Online Assessment Platform to conduct online exams.


Would you like to give online recruitment exams? We let you build a recruitment pipeline of multiple steps, each step being another test or online interview.

Corporate Trainers

Would you like to give online exams to your employees? Import employee accounts, create tests, send the invitations, test them all simultaniously online.

Instructors & Teachers

Would you like to give online quizzes or exams to your students? Build your own question bank. Import student accounts, create practice and assessment tests.
50% of our customers are recruiters and talent acquisition specialists.
40% of our customers are corporate trainers and instructors at educational organizations.
What do they say?
Ömer recommends Test Invite because of assessments with multiple-stages
“Assessment automation is both time and budget effective”
We can conduct English Level Test, Aptitute Test and online interview withing the same day because everything works automatically: the system allows people to continue the assessment only if they succeed the previous step. That approach also decreases the number of exams given.
Arda recommends Test Invite because of its integrated question bank
“Amazing question bank capabilities”
Our institution has a very detailed knowledge base and we wanted our question bank to reflect it. Test Invite's question bank allows us to tag all the questions by their categories, sub-categories, level of difficulties and many other properties. It takes no more than 5 minutes to prepare a quiz or exam.
Kubilay recommends Test Invite because of video recorded online secured exams
“Security is our primary concern”
We conduct all pre-employement tests online and the test results determine who we will employ. That's why we put security first. Locking down the browser, video proctoring and asking (random) different questions to each candidate enable us to build a reliable hiring process.
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Test Invite allows recruiters, trainers, instructors and teachers in organizations of any size to conduct their own exams online in a secure and proctored examination platform. You can create exams from very basic to highly complex and deliver them in a secure, monitored and reliable environment. Multiple-Choice questions, open-ended questions, audio/video questions, shuffling, time limitations, multiple sub-sections, selecting random question selection from a question pool, question bank integrated exam builder, video monitoring and proctoring, multiple-step automatized assessments are among the features our customers are mostly benefiting.
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Auto Scales up to 10 Million Simultanious Users
Test Invite is built with Google Firebase, Firestore and cloud functions; The application scales up & down automatically. It can deliver more than 10 Million examination simultaniously - without any incremental lag
Easy-to-Use Intuitive Interfaces
Test Invite is a single page application built with Vue & Vuetify. All the interfaces are reactive, easy-to-use and intuitive; tested on Windows OS, MacOS, Linux OS; Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera browsers
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