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What is Testinvite?

What makes Testinvite a unique solution?

Testinvite is a state-of-the-art assessment software that provides unparalleled capabilities across the entire assessment process, from question creation to test administration and result analysis. With powerful features like automated norm generation, customizable reports, and real-time proctoring, Testinvite delivers highly accurate and insightful results. You can ensure the validity of your assessments with Testinvite's top-notch anti-cheating measures and real-time proctoring functionality.

Who are Testinvite's customers?

Testinvite is used by companies for both pre-employment evaluations and learning validation assessments of their employees. Test preparation centers utilize Testinvite to create high-quality practice tests and gain insight into student performance. Certification organizations rely on Testinvite to administer their certification exams online. Educational institutions and training centers use Testinvite to evaluate student learning progress.

Where is Testinvite based?

Testinvite is headquartered in both the U.S.A. and Turkey, with a global team. While employees are located around the world, the majority are based in Turkey.

When was Testinvite founded?

Testinvite was established in 2019 with a new brand and infrastructure, but the company has been developing online assessment software since 2015.

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