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What are the suggested steps for beginning to learn how to use Testinvite?

Does Testinvite provide training services?

Yes, we do offer training. Please reach out to our team with the number of attendees and preferred date and time for the training.

What is the cost for the training offered by Testinvite?

Each training session costs $100 per hour.

What is the typical duration of a training session?

Trainings are mostly 1 to 2 hours of duration.

What is considered to be the appropriate number of training sessions to become proficient in using Testinvite?

The number of training sessions required to become proficient in using Testinvite depends on your goals and specific needs. Typically, one or two sessions are sufficient to understand the basics and use the software moderately. However, if your use case or requirements are complex, additional sessions may be necessary.

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