What measures does Testinvite have in place to secure the assessment process and prevent cheating attempts?

Testinvite has several measures in place to secure the assessment process and prevent cheating attempts. These include: locking down the screen, recording the screen, recording the webcam, live proctoring, automatic cheating detection using AI algorithms, live chat with test-takers, and post-proctoring. Additionally, various test settings can contribute to the security of the assessment, such as time limits at multiple levels of the test, navigation restrictions, shuffling of questions, and randomizing questions.

What is the maximum number of test-takers that can be proctored simultaneously with Testinvite?

Testinvite is capable of recording and streaming webcam videos and screen videos of more than 100,000 test takers simultaneously.

Can you explain how post-proctoring works in Testinvite?

Post-proctoring is a process where recorded videos of a test-taker's webcam are reviewed after the test has been completed. This allows for a detailed analysis of the test-taker's behavior during the test, and can be used to detect any suspicious or cheating behavior. Post-proctoring can be done manually by a human proctor, or automatically using AI algorithms.

How many test-takers can a single proctor monitor at the same time using Testinvite?

The number of test-takers that can be monitored by a single proctor simultaneously using Testinvite depends on various factors, including the capacity of the proctor's computer and internet connection. Generally, an average computer with an average internet connection can handle proctoring of around 30 to 40 test-takers at the same time on a single screen.