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Would you provide customized development services to incorporate new functionalities?

Is it possible to pay for the development of a specific feature?

Yes, we have implemented many features over the years through sponsorship by our customers. We only develop features that will be added to the Testinvite software and will provide value to our customers. When providing a quote for feature development, we consider the added value it will bring to our product. If it is determined to have significant value, we offer it at minimum rates.

Why do I need to pay for a development that will benefit all other customers as well?

At Testinvite, we are dedicated to consistently improving our product by introducing new features and enhancing existing ones, according to our own roadmap. Although we appreciate your input, we cannot commit to any specific dates or feature details if you suggest something for us to implement. If you require a feature to be developed within a shorter timeframe, you have the option to sponsor its development. This will enable us to reschedule our development roadmap and prioritize your specific demands.

What types of development requests would you be willing to consider?

We exclusively entertain requests that we believe will bring significant value to our product.

Will the feature that is being integrated be accessible to all Testinvite users?

Indeed, we solely execute development requests that will form part of the Testinvite solution.

What is the cost associated with developing a new feature or enhancing an existing feature in a specific way?

The expense of the development hinges on the importance of the impacted components, the amount of time required for the work, and the anticipated value that the product will obtain. Hourly rates for development decrease in proportion to the anticipated value that the feature is expected to bring to the product.

What are the step-by-step procedures involved in the custom development process?

Here are the step-by-step procedures for the custom development process:

  1. Reach out to your sales representative and discuss your development idea.
    1. The sales representative will relay your request to the internal team for consideration.
      1. A meeting will be scheduled between you and the technical team to ensure that all details are thoroughly comprehended and communicated.
        1. The sales representative will give you a cost estimate and an approximate delivery time-frame, but no specific date of delivery will be provided.
          1. Once payment is received, we will arrange the scheduling of the development process, which will include both the expected start and completion dates. The development will then be delivered according to the agreed-upon schedule.

            How precise are the delivery dates?

            We are able to deliver 90% of projects within the designated time schedule. However, unforeseen obstacles and developments may arise, and therefore we cannot guarantee specific delivery dates.

            Is it possible to modify our prior request as time goes on?

            You are welcome to convey any modifications you have in mind, but we cannot ensure that they will be incorporated once the quotation is provided and payment has been made.

            Can you assure that the feature will function as intended?

            We endeavor to implement the feature according to the specifications conveyed through our communication.

            What if we want to make further improvements to the developed functionality after the development process has been completed?

            If you wish to add additional features or functionalities to the developed product, a new custom development process will be initiated from the start. This means that we will analyze your new request to determine if it aligns with our product goals, provide a time-frame and cost estimate, and proceed with the development once payment is received.

            Is it possible to make partial payments, or must the full price be paid at the outset?

            The full payment must be made prior to the commencement of the development process.

            Is a refund available if we decide to cancel after the payment has been made?

            We do not offer refunds for our custom development services.

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