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How is biometric information processed and used?

Testinvite's use of biometric information for test proctoring

Testinvite records the test-taker's webcam during the test and stores the recordings in Google's Cloud Storage services located in the United States. Pre-trained models are used to analyze the recordings for potential fraudulent activities. Customers have the option to delete the recorded materials, and Testinvite does not utilize the biometric data for training its models.

Can biometric information collected be used for other purposes?

Testinvite utilizes the collected biometric information solely for the activities that are enabled in your test configuration. We do not use any personal information or biometric data to train models. Furthermore, our customers have the option of deleting the recorded biometric information at any time they desire.

How is the machine learning algorithm, which processes biometric information for Testinvite, trained?

Testinvite utilizes pre-trained machine learning models and does not provide any data for training the models internally.

What is the retention period for biometric information stored in Testinvite's storage?

Testinvite retains the recorded proctoring material for a minimum of one year, but customers can choose to delete recordings of selected test sessions manually.

Where is the biometric information stored in Testinvite?

Testinvite securely stores the collected biometric information on servers hosted by Google in the United States.

Can Testinvite take customized consents from test-takers on behalf of customers?

Testinvite allows customers to create customized consent forms for test-takers to review and accept before starting an exam. This enables customers to obtain consent for specific activities such as recording biometric information or using AI-powered proctoring algorithms.

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