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Multi-step Exams: You can now restore a deleted Step and continue the assessment process from where you left

Introductory information

A task can have multiple steps each being another exam or test. So the user who is assigned to this task will be able to take all the tests inside this task one by one – as long as the pre conditions are met. (You can implement some custom scenarios where a user can only take the second exam only if he/she has been successful on the first exam)

The steps the user will follow are configured in the Task Editor. You can always add and remove a step.

What is New?

With the latest release you can now “restore” a step that you have previously deleted.

Unlike adding a new step, restoring a deleted step is more favorible if:

  • You want to have the same STEP ID in the reports/exports.
    • You would like the system to remember the previously collected data for this step so that people who have already went through this step will not be able to go through it again.
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